Calling all future NICU Nurses

Join my Neonatal Head to Toe Assessment Course!

About the Course

Are you ready to take your neonatal nursing skills to the next level? Join me for an exhilarating journey into the world of neonatal head-to-toe assessment!

Designed specifically for NICU nurses and soon-to-be NICU nurses, this one-and-a-half-hour online course is your gateway to becoming a confident and skilled neonatal assessment ninja. Packed with expert guidance, practice questions, and additional resources this course will transform your ability to provide exceptional care to our tiniest and most precious patients.

 What's in store for you? Prepare to embark on an adventure where you'll unravel the mysteries of fontanelles, decode the language of murmurs, and master the art of interpreting subtle cues from every inch of a neonate's body. From the delicate head to those tiny toes, you'll discover the key techniques and essential knowledge needed to conduct thorough and accurate assessments.

And the best part? This invaluable course is available at the incredibly affordable price of just $9.99! That's right, you can access this treasure trove of knowledge, skills, and confidence-building exercises without breaking the bank.

So, are you ready to embark on this transformative neonatal journey? Enroll now and unlock the secrets of mastering neonatal head-to-toe assessment. Join our community of dedicated NICU nurses and soon-to-be nurses who are passionate about providing exceptional care to our precious little ones. Sign up today!

  • 6 part series reviewing neonatal assessment

  • Practice RNC-NIC style questions

  • Additional resources and videos to help knowledge retention

Amanda is a dynamic Neonatal Clinical Nurse Specialist with an unwavering commitment to transforming neonatal care. She is proud of her wide array of specialty certifications making her a distinguished expert in the field.

Beyond her exceptional expertise, Amanda is a catalyst for change driven by her passion for education, quality improvement, and advocating for the vulnerable neonatal population and their families.

Amanda’s impact extends beyond the walls of the NICU. She has been honored to speak at regional and national conferences on projects and achievements such as developing a Golden Hour Bundle, implementing a NICU reading program, using simulation to identify latent safety threats, and addressing health disparities and implicit bias in the NICU. 

Amanda is always excited to collaborate with her team to improve care for neonates and their families. Amanda’s contagious enthusiasm and expertise nurture the next generation of NICU nurses, fostering a legacy of compassionate and evidence-based care.

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